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Flavours that enhance the taste of the Foie Gras.


Taste: The unique combination of foie gras and Sauternes Wine brings a lightly fruity flavour to our best foie gras. Its recipe is enhanced by being cooked, which brings a fine and tender texture.

It will suit those who love powerful products!

Tradition: Our best foie gras are enhanced with a simple seasoning: salt and pepper.

A traditional expertise that holds on to the authentic taste of foie gras, for those who love its natural flavour.

Pleasure: To the delight of food lovers, Eric Guérin, head of two Michelin starred restaurants, has developed a recipe exclusively for Jean Larnaudie: whole duck foie gras cooked in Muscadet wine, Guérande Fleur de sel and Timut pepper.

Excellence: After having been selected and prepared, the best foie gras are lightly seasoned with Armagnac and sweet pepper.

This refined recipe offers delicate flavours, enhanced by a unique texture. Those who love excellence will be seduced!

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