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Duck Cassoulet

The traditional cassoulet of the South West, generous and authentic!
We prepare it with quality ingredients that have been carefully selected.
The true Toulouse sausage and confit duck wings are directly developed in our workshops then all simmered in a home made sauce.
A savoury and generous dish to share with your friends or family.


Castelnaudary Cassoulet


Goose brings a flavour full of finesse to this cassoulet.
We prepare this dish in keeping with the Castelnaudary tradition, with home made authentic Toulouse sausages. The whole dish is simmered in a home made sauce.
A treat for your taste buds!

Castelnaudary Pork



This cassoulet, made of home made authentic Toulouse sausages and a small salted pork, is simmered in a home made savoury sauce.
This is to ensure a generous and delicious taste that will delight your guests.

Preparation tips: Place your cassoulet in a "cassole" or a terrine, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, and place in a very hot oven for around 10 minutes.

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