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Quality is at the core of our job:
High quality raw materials are indispensable in order to prepare a good foie gras.
We work closely with our suppliers, seeking to constantly improve their standards and specification, in order to continuously improve the quality of our recipes.


Furthermore, Jean Larnaudie has it own internal laboratory, with a team of two people carrying out daily inspections and quality control on every batch produced.


A strong bond to regional know-how:
Our teams are dedicated to keeping the expertise of the South West of France alive. In fact, foie gras is still largely manually produced. Sorting the livers, deveining and packaging are all done by men and women who strive to produce quality products.  These steps are not improvised and our staff is trained by elders who transfer their experience to keep the regional expertise alive.

The South West PGI:

The South West PGI or South West Protected Geographical Indication is a consumer guarantee that the duck was raised and processed in the South West of France.  It is also the guarantee of a high quality product, as every step, from farming to processing, is subject to strict specifications.  In fact, our ducks are raised outdoors and fed quality food that is controlled and regulated. Finally, production is carried out in accordance with the South West tradition.

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