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Duck gizzards


With a unique flavour, confit duck gizzards have a texture that is both firm and creamy. Warm or cold, winter or summer, confit gizzards will bring their particular aroma to your gourmet salads or liven up sautéed summer vegetables...

Preparation tips: Reheat the gizzards in a frying pan over a low heat in a little of their fat, then drain them. Serve them with a mixed salad, omelette or any other dish of your creation.

Available in poultry or turkey.

Red Label Terrine


Red Label terrines (official sign of a superior quality product) for time spent with friends with exceptional products.
Available in Espelette chilli pepper to add a little spice and in porcini mushroom with a unique flavour.

Duck Rillettes


Duck rillettes are exclusively made from finely shredded foie gras duck meat that is simply seasoned with salt and spices. This recipe, typical of the South West, is one of the oldest specialities of our gastronomy.

It is also available with 30% foie gras:
Duck meat blends with the tenderness and creaminess of foie gras. Traditional duck rillettes are even creamier and more meltingly soft...


Perfect for your vegetables and meat. Duck and goose fat bring a particular and tasty flavour to your dishes.

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